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Letter to the Stakeholders


  would like to personally thank you for taking your time to read the engineering design brief for the MFB.  My team and I honestly believe this will absolutely revolutionize the Tonle Sap, Cambodia; and its success would inspire other Cambodians to dream big and achieve huge.

I do not think I could have found a more qualified team of engineers, who from their various backgrounds, have contributed well to this project.

The Modular Floating Bridge Inc team included:

Jerry Shum       [CEO]




As Chief Engineering Officer, I felt that I could not have achieved what I have without my team of engineers, who I now call friends.  Each person played a different but integral part; and at times had to put up with my spontaneity that is not a managerial style always appreciated!  Nevertheless, I hope you appreciate the somewhat interesting integration I make of Engineering with Management, and inspire many engineers in years to come to do so too.

Operations team:

Jordan Ward     [SVP]


Mr. Ward, Senior Vice-President of Operations brought an excellent amount of talent to the competition, having attained phenomenal matriculation results.  I would like to thank him for his support and the large amount of administrative work he has done.  His portfolio was sustainability, and studied and researched various techniques worldwide to come up with just the right solution in relation to sustainable engineering.
Alden Pascua


Mr. Pascua, as his final-year project, has treated this project with nothing short of that description.  He was a driver for the PESTLE Analysis, deriving an in-depth analysis, outlining particular social and cultural constraints in the Tonle Sap, not well versed by Westerners.
Leigh Costello


Mr. Costello delivered a strong written evaluation in the area of ethics.  He was also key in the Design and Production team.  For a large portion of the project, he was my P.A. and provided much needed personal support for the project.

Design and Production team:

Marty Sellar    [ESVP]


Mr. Sellar, Executive Senior Vice President of Design and Production, delegated the role of editor over much of the design brief documentation.  Without his support, I could not have managed such a large team, so I would like to personally thank him as a team member and friend, for his brilliant managerial skills.
Carmen Tkalec    [VP]


An excellent communications manager, Ms. Tkalec, Vice President of Marketing, worked well to deliver a strong team oral presentation.  Furthermore, she did a phenomenal job drawing the various MFB renders you find in this design brief.  Without her contribution, the MFB could not have been communicated with the clarity that it has.

Finally, I’d like to thank Elizabeth Smith for her efforts in coordinating and reviewing this engineering design project.  Her help has been both tremendous and necessary.

The MFB Team hopes you enjoy our innovative solution and hope to see you face-to-face on November 6, 2009 as one of the six outstanding teams at the EWB conference.




Jerry Shum – B.S.E.E., B.Com(Acctng), LL.B

President, Chief Engineering Officer

Executive Summary

This design brief is for the construction of a Modular Floating Bridge (herein referred to as the “MFB”) for the region of Tonle Sap, Cambodia.  We have used the Product Development Lifecycle (PDLC) model to detail the complete process of bringing the MFB to the Cambodian market.

An attempt has been made to combine the most up-to-date Civil Engineering techniques, with the latest Harvard Business School analysis, to come up with a solution that is both innovative as well as achievable.  With superior knowledge of Cambodia, we structured a solution to bring a bridge that would be easily understood, as well as manufactured by the people of the Tonle Sap.

Our engineering solution is best summarized by the Chinese proverb:

Economical; Exquisite; Excellent

The MFB is supreme from the perspectives of price, exterior design, and interior design (manufacturing quality).

Brief Overview

The MFB Design Brief features the following:

v  Outlines alternative options during the design process, and justification for the selected technology

v  Provides detail of conceptual design, analysis, and final design

v  Considerations for budget (design, construction, and maintenance costs)

v  PESTLE Analysis (political, economic, social, technological, legal, environmental) of the Tonle Sap in Cambodia

v  Ethics, long-term sustainability, and maintenance considerations

v  Implementation strategy describing construction and operation advice to cast members

In short, the Modular Floating Bridge (referred to as the “MFB”) is an independent floating/bridging system that “plug-and-play’s” with existing Cambodian infrastructure, with “hot-swap” speeds, taking into account possible boats that may need to cross through the MFB.  The design uses materials that are 100% native to Cambodia, with the exclusion of the steel brackets, which can nonetheless be manufactured in Cambodia.

I guess you can call this a bit of an ‘Internet leak’, maybe more so a ‘news leak’ (Dictionary definition- disclosure of embargoed information in advance of its official release, or the unsanctioned release of confidential information).

Anyway, this seems to have not been an officially authorized disclosure, but somehow it may be in public interest due to need for speedy publication, which is the excuse I’m going to use today my good friends!!

Disclaimer: I’m not facilitating this leak by doing any journalists a personal favor (for any exchange of cooperation etc) but if any lawyers start coming to me screaming for why confidential intellectual property was released on to the Internet, you agree by looking at this page not to talk about it or pursue further charges!

I’ve attached the PDF, but since it’s 2.7MB it’s a bit big so for those who don’t mind not having the pictures, I’ll upload everything in Word format, etc, etc.

Be back very soon my good friends… You are doing a good deed helping the very very veeeeeeeeeeeery poor people of Cambodia!

Link: Modular Floating Bridge Design Brief (2009) [PDF]